Ban Dtahn Buk

Ban Dtahn Buk or N.R. Coconut Sugar Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and the distributor of coconut sugar and rock sugar in Thailand and foreign countries. With our product quality and unceasing development, domestic and foreign in the manufacturing industrial sector, the wholesalers, the retailers, and the exporters such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Guam, South Africa, England, Germany, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and others, the customers rely on us. The growth does not stop us. We keep developing our product quality to respond to the market’s demand and to preserve the trust that the customers give to us all the time. Ban Dtahn Buk or N.R. Coconut Sugar Co., Ltd. is ready to move forward and become an organization of Thai people in producing Thai products and making pride.

Ban Dtahn Buk

Ban Dtahn Buk was found by Mr. Narong and Ms. Somjit in 1976. As they originally were born in Phetchaburi, they grew up and recognized coconut sugar well. Until they develop sugar production from the local way to the standardized process accepted by the domestic and the foreign sectors.

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Ban Dtahn Buk...Sugar from coconut

Enhance your cooking skill with our selection of excellent ingredients, standardized and clean production, and modern packaging

Housewives trust and select “Ban Dtahn Buk”

Housewives trust and select “Ban Nam Tan” to guarantee their intense cooking skill. Moreover, leading restaurants select the coconut sugar of Ban Dtahn Buk to create their menu that satisfies all.

The secret tip of many spicy salad recipes

Ban Dtahn Buk’s coconut sugar is the secret ingredient of many spicy salad recipes. The taste will imprint on the soul.

Add sweetness with coconut sugar

Ban Dtahn Buk’s coconut sugar provides the natural sweetness delivered to your kitchen. If you think of sugar, think of Ban Dtahn Buk.

Why do the customers support by word-by-word about Ban Dtahn Buk?

It is because the product is clean with the precise weight. The package is modern and is not breakable during the transport. The bags are colorful and preserve food quality because the sugar is sensitive to light and air. The package saves space and easy to be stored and portable for sales and transport.

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